Meet the Team

When the environment is at risk, so are we. This planet is our home, and it is our responsibility to take care of it. Because if not, it will be ruined and what it will be for the future?

Because of that, we made this blog so that we will be able to share and educate others about the importance of taking care of the environment with our own small ways. That’s right. We do not need to do something grand. We can start with our wastes that even children can be educated.

Here is the team that is very passionate and made this blog possible.


The founder and leader. He is very passionate about the environment and its effects if we continue to abuse it. So, he shares his advocate on the importance of taking care of our trash and recycling.


As a mom of two, she cares for the future of her children. For that reason, she is very passionate about the importance of maintaining the environment for the good. She also favor ideas that will also involve children to help.


As an artist, she believes trash is not just a trash but a treasure. She shares ideas on how we will use those in creative ways that will make us save more.