Community Comments

Project Hope

Jennifer Friend (Executive Director)

"Project Hope Alliance is both amazed and humbled by the contributions and support given by Vanis to our organization.  With his support we educating and empowering homeless children in Orange County to end the cycle of poverty.  Thank you Vanis for being a shining example of hope in action"

Newport Workout / Art of Movement
Erin Holmes

"It is awesome that young entrepreneurship is still practiced! Vanis has done an awesome job with his continued efforts to not only keep a business and charity going whilst helping the environment!!! It only takes one to start something amazing~"
The Oasis
Senior Center Staff

"The OASIS staff thoroughly enjoys seeing Vanis come pickup our recyclables. He is a delightful young man and has developed an incredible business. He has made us more environmentally conscious and we are so pleased that he is donating part of his profits to Project Hope"

ThinkinBig Communications
Lorraine O'Keefe (Principal)

John Wayne Cancer Foundation

Sandie Shepard
"From his business card and brochure (that includes the logo he designed) to his friendly customer service, Vanis means business. And, as a local business owner in Newport Beach, I love supporting other local businesses like the "My ReCycler". We like Vanis' creativity, young entrepreneurial spirit and the way he gives back to help other kids right in our community."   

"Vanis is an amazing young man. We are please to be part of this clientele.  He is a good business man and he provides us with great customer service".

Newport Coast Community Center

Leslie Hardy
(Recreation Supervisor)

"I’m truly amazed and inspired by Vanis’ creativity, perseverance and his dedication to philanthropy and the environment.  I had the pleasure of meeting him when he started his program at the OASIS Senior Center and was pleased to see the program continued at my current location, the Newport Coast Community Center. Vanis is truly a wonderful member of our community and I’m excited to see what he comes up with next!"

Steve Farmer
"Vanis is an amazing young kid!  We at Indosole are both extremely impressed and inspired at what he has been able to accomplish at such a young age.   This world needs more kids like Vanis who are looking towards the future and understands the importance of both helping the environment and others around him   When I first met Vanis I was very impressed with his maturity and you could see how passionate he is about his business.  Indosole is stoked to partner up with Vanis and support him and his business as they save the environment and children one bottle at a time".

Carolyn Karges
"How exciting it is to see Vanis Buckholz, "My ReCycler", in action on a regular basis. I am a neighbor of this exceptionally personable and admirable young man.  Vanis is hardworking and dedicated to his business. He is already a role model and an asset to his community at such a young age. Keep your eye on Vanis Buckholz!"

Mary Kontra
"I think Vanis has done an awesome job with “My ReCycler”!!!  He is a true inspiration to all with his hard work and values, with the benefit his services provide to our community!  All of his hard work is VERY much appreciated and I have to say, being a Mom myself, how very PROUD I am of him and his accomplishments with this service at such a young age! A truly amazing, giving and dedicated person!"

Susie (Staff Member)

"Vanis has a very joyful and giving spirit and his enthusiasm is so contagious!"
ThinkinBig Communications
Bridget Vinch
"Working with a local business in Corona Del Mar, I was introduced to Vanis and "My ReCycler" in 2011. As a commuter from North Hollywood to Corona Del Mar, this enthusiastic young entrepreneur inspired me to be a recycler all the way from LA County.  Vanis’ environmental responsibility, business savvy, compassion and enthusiasm are not only contagious, but are an example to us all - demonstrating traits well beyond his young age. I am both happy and proud to support his efforts not only for himself, but for the community he loves so much. It is often said that ‘children are our future.’ With Vanis taking the lead, our future is bright." 

Newport Environmental Nature Center
Bo Glover (Executive Director)

"Vanis is a very kind and ambitious young kid"
The Baker family
"We are impressed with Vanis's exemplary service and his disciplined entrepreneurial spirit!  "My ReCycler" is an innovative business and truly benefits the underpriviledged within our community. Vanis has a passion for not only bettering the environment, but helping deprived young children in Orange County. Our family gladly donates to his charitable business. We enjoy seeing Vanis and his adorable dog pedal down the street with his trailer filled with recycled goods. Vanis is a charming young man and we look forward to watching "My ReCycler" grow into an even larger success than it already is".

John Steed Homes
John Steed

It was great meeting you Vanis.  I look forward to doing business with you.  See you on your Thursday rounds!
Sofa U Love
Lucy Assilian
"I'm so impressed with our young entrepreneur here in Corona del Mar.  Helping the environment and helping kids ... way to go Vanis !"

Toni's Salon & Beauty Supply

I am so proud of you Vanis.  Keep up the great work you are doing and for helping other kids in need.  All of us at Toni's Salon enjoy helping you in your amazing business.
Zoe Gwnzel 

"I'm glad to help Vanis out!  He is just the nicest boy and doing such a good job for our community." 
Lorrie Mezzasalma
"Thank you for your recycling service. It feels good to know what you're doing helps heal the earth and the charitable contributions you make assist families in need. Happy third anniversary "My ReCycler"!  Wishing you continued success".

Randy Smith


"You have a fun and informative Facebook page.  I got lost reading and enjoying all the photos of your business - it is very interesting and well presented.  It is amazing how much you have grown up in the time you've been our neighbor.  It's fun watching you develop into such a fine young man and a good citizen".
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