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January, 2012
"My ReCycler" received a very special invitation from the City of Newport Beach, California to present his charitable recycling business to the City Council.  Cited by the Mayor as an exceptional young entrepreneur and for his meaningful contribution to the city, the environment and to his support of Project Hope Alliance!
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 March, 2013
 "My ReCycler" was featured on "Live Life and Win!" which is a weekly educational/informational nationally syndicated TV series highlighting inspirational teen success stories with segments featuring Entrepreneurs, Extraordinary Teens, Giving Back, and Nutrition & Exercise with a focus on the arts, school, sports, community and teen entrepreneurship. “Live Life and Win!” helps teens discover and learn strategies and attributes to achieve dreams, explore volunteerism as an opportunity to build character and uncover personal passions, and gain knowledge about life skills necessary to LIVE LIFE AND WIN!   
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Hi everyone!

This is Vanis.  I live in Corona del Mar, California and I created "My ReCycler".

I started my business by myself when I was 7. I learned about recycling at my school on Earth Day and thought it was something I should do.  My parents said they would help and that we could first start at home. I was really surprised at how much stuff we threw away.   After a little while I began to save recyclables for other family members and neighbors. Soon I was collecting for all of our friends as well.  The idea for my business name came from me "cycling” around town on my bike picking up trash on our beach, streets and parks then hauling it home to recycle.  My mom and dad taught me to never pollute so picking up trash was something we always did but now it's a part of the business.  

As my business grew my parents said that I could do more than just help the environment. They taught me about charities and why they are necessary.  They told me to find one that was important to me.  So we searched around and I found one that helps kids. I thought it was perfect!.  It's called
Project Hope Alliance.  They help homeless kids in Orange County.  We visited their offices, met the people who work there and the kids who really need our help. I've been helping them ever since.  One day I asked my dad for a business card like his.  He said I could if I drew the card myself because it was my business and I as in charge. A picture of my first card is on the "images" tab.  My Dad used my exact drawing (even with my bad spelling) to make my business cards and my very first flyer!  I loved it and decided to pass them out to a few businesses in town.  Everyone liked it and within a few days I had businesses helping me recycle too!  

I am now 14 and  "My ReCycler" is going strong -
because of my very nice customers!  
I've already recycled nearly 100,000 lbs.  

It’s so easy to do nothing.   But it’s really good to do something!  
I always tell my new customers that “every little bit matters”.  Even ONE bottle helps.  
I love my job.  I’m a very lucky kid but there’s a lot of kids who don’t have much luck. 

Recycling is good for our planet and it can be good for people too.
If you want to help, please contact me. 

Thank you, Vanis

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